Using the Sync Preview

Compare Local & Server Versions

If you want to see more information about the local file or folder compared to what is on the server, hover over the Sync Action icon. A tooltip will display the information for both the local file or folder and the server versions.

Understanding the Version Information

Override the Sync Direction

If the sync operation is going to replace or update a file on the server or locally, you can override the direction by clicking on the icon. Files or folders that you can override the sync direction will have a darker background behind the icon to indicate you can click on it (as seen in the left image below).

To override the sync direction

  1. Click on the Sync Action icon.

  2. Choose the Sync Action.

3. Click Ok.

The Sync Action icon will be updated accordingly.

Resolve Sync Conflicts

If a conflict between the local file and file on the server exists, you will see a Modified or Conflict warning on the Preview screen.

To resolve a conflict

  1. Click on the Conflict Action icon.

  2. Choose the Sync Action.

3. Click Ok.

The warning will be removed.

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