Defining Alerts

Default alert settings can be defined on the User level, but can also be defined per Project Sync Schedule

In case of any differences between the user’s defaults and a Project Sync Schedule alerts, the Project Sync Schedule Alerts will take precedence

Notification Settings

Email alerts can be received for Sync operations, whenever there is:

Sync Conflicts

The condition that causes a conflict is when a new version of an existing file exists locally and a new version of the same file also exists on Trimble Connect.

Sync Error

When there are issues happening due to connectivity etc. Notification emails will be sent for sync errors, which includes the details of the errors. The email will also give the number of successful files uploaded/downloaded along with the number of failed files.

Sync Completion

A sync completion email provides information about successful file upload/downloads, including the total number of files synced.

Additional Recipients

Enter the emails for other users who need to be notified in the ‘Additional emails to notify’ field. You can enter multiple email addresses by separating with a semicolon (;) or comma (,).

Conflict Resolution Settings 

There are three options you can choose as a default conflict resolution setting. 

See Sync Conflict Resolution for details.

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