Using Local Transfer

How Local Transfer Works

This feature allows you to transfer the project files and folders on your local machine to be transferred “as it is” to the server. This will make the project contents on the Server identical to that on the local machine.

This includes adding, updating, renaming, removing and moving of files and folders from your local machine to the server. The local machine will act as the master- so the server will be overridden and any additional files currently on the server will be removed.

Running a Local Transfer Schedule

Just like other manual or scheduled sync schedules, local transfer schedules are triggered from Advanced section for projects. They can also be triggered from Projects home page.

Note: the “Sync all” option in the home page does not run local transfer schedules.

To manually run a local transfer schedule

  1. Open Trimble Connect Sync.

  2. Navigate to the project which has a Local Transfer schedule defined.

  3. Click Sync.

  4. The Sync Preview will show.
    The preview will list the files and folders to be updated as a part of the Syncing operation - this will include addition, moving, renaming, updating and removing of files and folders - the files/ folders to be removed are highlighted in red.

  5. Click Sync Now.
    The transfer of files from local to server and removal of mismatching content from server will start.

Regulations & Control

To avoid any accidental usage or misuse of this feature, we have used the following rules:

  • Available only to Project admins

  • Ask explicit confirmation from users, before creating local transfer schedules

  • Show preview before doing a Local transfer

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