Alerts & Notifications

When are Notifications Shown?

Trimble Connect Sync uses system notifications to tell you when you have lost or regained Internet connection or when a sync operation is complete. You can choose to disable or enable alerts & notifications.

Manage Notifications

For MacOS

  1. Open the System Preferences.
    You can also press Command + SPACEBAR to open the Spotlight Search and type System Preferences.

  2. Click on Notifications.

  3. Select Trimble Connect Sync.

  4. Make the desired changes.

For Windows

  1. Open the Task Manager application.
    You can also open the Start menu and type Task Manager in the Search box. As you type, results display.
    When you see Notifications & actions click on it or press ENTER, if it is highlighted, then skip to Step 4.

  2. Select the System tab.

  3. Go to the Notifications & actions page.

  4. Under the Get notifications from these senders section, click on Trimble Connect Sync Tool.

  5. Make the desired changes.