Data Handling

File Handling

Syncing When a File is Open

Trimble Connect Sync now handles files that are open during manual sync operations by letting you know which files are currently open and not accessible. From there you can decide to skip these files and proceed with syncing the rest of the files or cancel the sync process and start again after you close those files.

For scheduled sync operations, open files will automatically be skipped. The sync status will be shown as Done but in orange (meaning the sync operation is complete but there were errors).

The sync details can be found in the Activity screen or in the log file (if this has been set up).

Max Upload Size (per file)

Connect has 5 main levels of licensing which will give you access to certain areas in the Trimble Connect applications.

When using Trimble Connect Sync, the max file size upload varies by license.

File size upload limits are calculated on bytes.
10 GB = 10,000,000,000 Bytes100 GB = 100,000,000,000 Bytes

Deleted Files or Folders

How Trimble Connect Sync handles deleted files or folders depends on your sync direction. Below are the general rules.

Note: This does not apply Local Transfer sync operations.