Manually Syncing Projects

Sync a Single Project

Syncing projects has never been easier. You can choose to start a sync operation for any of your projects directly from the Projects page in Trimble Connect Sync.

To start a manual sync operation

  1. Open Trimble Connect Sync.

  2. On the Projects page, select the project server location.

  3. Find the project you want to synchronize.

  4. Click the Sync button on the right of the project.

  5. The Sync Preview will be shown.
    If the project contains multiple sync schedules, a schedule must be selected before you will see the preview.

6. Click Sync now.

After the sync operation is complete, your project will be synchronized to your local repository.

Sync All Projects

If you need to sync all your projects, click the Sync all projects, located at the top of the Projects page.

When choosing this option:

  • You will not be shown a sync preview

  • Sync filters, alerts, conflict resolution settings and parallel upload & download settings will be based on the defined application settings/preferences