Introduction to Sync Schedules

What are Sync Schedules?

A sync schedule is a designated time when you want Trimble Connect Sync to start a sync operation. These come in handy if you regularly update local or server files and need your project to be kept up to date. 

For example, you may want to create a sync schedule each night, so the project files are up to date at the start of your work day. Or if you have engineers submitting their model revisions at the end of each week you may schedule want to schedule a sync operation over the weekend so the project files are up to date on Monday morning. 

Understanding the Advanced Schedule Page

By default every project has a Full Project Sync schedule. This can be modified or deleted if you have created other schedules. Every project must have at least one sync schedule.

The default Full Project Sync schedule is a manual operation (meaning it will not happen automatically) and is a bi-directional sync operation. 

Understanding the synced Project location (project data) 

Connect Sync stores project data on users local machine at - C:\Users\<userID on PC>\Trimble Connect Sync\<UserID on Trimble Connect>\Projects . A folder with the project name is auto created and all content is synced to/from that location. 

You could also create a different project folder at a different location and sync the particular project data to that folder. Project level folder settings supercede the default project folder specified at the application level