Project Sync Filters

Using Sync Filters

Using sync filters allows you to skip/ ignore certain files types by the file extension. For example, some software generates temporary files, which may not be needed to upload.

Inherited Sync Filters

Filters that have been defined on the user level (global filters) are applied to the project by default. You can choose to remove all global filters or remove the desired ones manually.

If you have removed any of the global filters, there will be an option to Apply global filters, which will re-add the original global filters to the project sync schedule settings.

Adding Filters

To exclude/include file types from sync operations

  1. Open Trimble Connect Sync.

  2. Click the Settings button.

  3. The Filters page will be shown.

  4. Enter a description or title for your filter.

  5. Enter the File Extension you want to exclude or include.
    Note: Do not include a period for the file extension.
    For example, if you want to exclude .temp files, you would enter temp in this field.

  6. Click Add New Filter.

  7. When you are done adding filters, click Done.

NOTE : "Include" file types filter will sync only the specified file types. Other file types will not be synced. This is available only in the Project schedule filters (not the Global filters) .

Default Sync Filters

Every project by default filters out the following extensions:

  • AutoCAD lisp file

  • AutoCAD lock files (DWL)

  • AutoCAD lock files (DWL2)

  • backup directory

  • Dot files - files having name starting with a period

  • Dot folders- folders having name starting with a period

  • Error file

  • log directory

  • Log Files

  • Revit backup directory

  • Revit backup file

  • Revit temp directory

  • Rhino backup file

  • Rhino lock files (RHL)

  • Rhino, etc. backup files (BAK)

  • Sketchup backup file

  • Temp files

  • Thumbs.db

  • Windows shortcut


Only a Project Admin can edit or modify these filters in the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

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