Reporting Bugs

Contact Support

If you need to report any bugs or issues, you can do so directly from inside Trimble Connect Sync. The Contact Support dialog allows you to submit any issues or bugs you might be experiencing in the application along with a log file which will help the developers debug the issue.

Log Files

Trimble Connect Sync log files are automatically produced files that contains a record of events from Trimble Connect Sync. While they can contain a number of things, log files are often used to show all events associated with the application that created them.

Log files are helpful for our developers when they need to debug reported issues from customers.

You can define how the application creates log files is the Application Settings. See Sync Settings for details.

To submit a bug or issue

  1. Open Trimble Connect Sync.

  2. Open the Help dropdown menu.

3. Select Contact Support.

4. Describe the issue you are having in the Description field.

5. Click Send.

After you have submitted your issue, one of the Trimble Connect Support team will follow up with you on the issue.