Sync Settings

Parallel Upload & Download

The Parallel Upload & Download options allow you to choose how many simultaneous file upload and downloads will happen during a sync operation. 

Choose the best setting based on your Internet connection speeds.

1 Upload, 2 Download: Recommended for low speed Internet.

2 Upload, 4 Download: Recommended for medium speed Internet.

4 Upload, 8 Download: Recommended for high speed Internet

Sync Preview

Choose if a preview of the sync should be shown before syncing a project.

Not sure what a sync preview is? See Sync Preview for more information.

Minimum Log Level

Logs are helpful for sending diagnostic reports in case of a bug or issue with the application. You can choose the type of logs that you want to be captured and stored.

Debug is used for internal system events and can be useful to determine how an issue may have happened. 

Information events describe the things happening in the system that correspond to its responsibilities and functions. 

Error events are logged when functionality is unavailable or expected behavior is broken. 

Default Projects Folder Location

Connect Sync stores project data on users local machine at - C:\Users\<userID on PC>\Trimble Connect Sync\<UserID on Trimble Connect>\Projects

You can also select preferred  default projects folder location on your local machine. This will avoid you having to go deep into the default folder location set in the application. 


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