Project List Functions

Favoriting Projects

Favoriting projects will list those projects at the top of the projects listing.

To favorite a project

  1. Open Trimble Connect Sync.

  2. Hover over the project thumbnail you want to favorite.

  3. A star will appear in the left corner of the project thumbnail.

  4. Click the star.

  5. The project will be listed at the top of the projects list.

Open a Project in the Browser

You can open the projects listed in the Sync application on Trimble Connect for Browser.

To open a project in the browser

  1. Open Trimble Connect Sync.

  2. On the Projects page, click the project name.

  3. The project will open in your default browser.

Start a Manual Sync Operation

You can choose to manually start a sync operation for your projects.

Cancel a Sync Operation

Shown when a sync operation is in progress. This will cancel the remainder of the operation.

Create or Manage Sync Schedules

Takes you to the project’s sync scheduler page.

View the Sync Status

The current sync status is shown for any ongoing or previous sync operations.

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